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Happy birthday, Rickey Henderson!

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

I love me some Rickey, and I hope he has the happiest birthday, but I'm happier for myself right now because I saw that picture. How great is that?

The two have a history, one that undoubtedly predates Rickey's first stint with the Padres, back in 1996 and most of '97. Henderson headed back for a second go-round in 2001 after time with the Angels, A's (for the fourth time), Mets, and Mariners. It was his last season with more than a hundred games played, and he accidentally hedged in on the last day of Tony's career by collecting his three-thousandth hit.

Aw, what the hey, let's bask in it.

Happy birthday, Rickey, and have a merry Christmas, too. It's cool to me that somebody with this birthday got so big and made enough money that he never has to worry about only getting half as many presents as everyone else.