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All Star Game expected to come to San Diego in 2016, according to Scott Miller

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In case all these trades and signings weren't enough cause for joy amongst San Diego fans, we may also be finally getting that All Star Game we've been dreaming of.

The expected year for the All Star Game in San Diego would be 2016, which is sooner than anyone might have hoped, and a bit unexpected. Baltimore had been thought to be the chosen destination for the '16 Midsummer Classic, with our Petco Park seemingly the favorite for '17. People also thought 2019 might be an ideal year for San Diego to host the Game, with it being the 50th anniversary of the Padres entering the Major Leagues and with the number 19 carrying an obvious significance for San Diego and Padres fans. But several sources have come out to say that SD will in fact host in 2016.

If that is the case, two NL teams would host back-to-back Games (Cincinnati is scheduled to host in 2015), which would be a break from tradition, though not the first time it has happened. Most recently, the NL hosted two years in a row from 2006 to 2007.

The Padres have been actively pursuing an All Star Game at Petco Park for at least a couple of years now. In early 2013, Corey Brock reported that Executive Chairman Ron Fowler and then-Padres-President/CEO & GLB Mentor Tom Garfinkel had expressed his desire to Major League Baseball and the front office was preparing a proposal and presentation for the commissioner to campaign for SD to host their first All Star Game since 1992 at Jack Murphy Stadium. Garfinkel had made it a priority of his to get the Game to Petco Park, but unfortunately he "resigned" before his hard work bore fruit.

Then during the 2014 season, new Padres President Mike Dee announced a section of Petco Park to be named after the outgoing commissioner, Bud Selig, citing Selig's alleged contributions to keeping baseball in San Diego several years ago. A few months later, they submitted their official application to host the All Star Game with their eyes supposedly set on 2019 in San Diego. Many saw the act of putting Selig's name on a part of the stadium as a ploy/bribe to get an All Star Game to our city, and we may or may not be seeing the results of that with this recent revelation.

To put even more stock into these reports, San Diego City officials announced just this week that they've approved a proposal for city funds to be used to cover police and fire department costs, city permits, and operational services. The measure will allow up to $1.5 million to be allocated towards the event. Approval for the proposal came about thanks in large part to revenue that the All Star Game, and surrounding activities, would bring to the city.

NBC San Diego | San Diego Could be Home to MLB All-Star Game

Major League Baseball officials say it would bring in about $80 million to the city of San Diego. Also, officials with the San Diego Tourism Authority say it would draw more than $1 million in sales tax and $1.2 million in hotel taxes.

Selig is expected to make the official announcement next month prior to his retirement, but all signs are pointing to a much-anticipated Midsummer Classic in San Diego in 2016.