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Matt Kemp and Justin Upton vs. the 2014 Padres

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

In case for some reason you needed more convincing about AJ Preller bringing Matt Kemp and Justin Upton on board for the 2015 season, I thought it'd be fun to look at how these former division rival players have fared at our beloved, if offense-dampening, Petco Park.

A great thing about trading for guys who used to play in the NL West is that their sample size of work at Petco Park is generally larger than most other players (except for those who have called Petco their home). For instance, among all the trades Preller has made over the last couple of days, Kemp and Upton are the only two position players / projected starters to have even played at Petco Park. Their experience here gives us a much better idea of what we can expect in terms of their productivity as members of the Padres.

Below is an infographic comparing both Kemp's and Upton's career stats at Petco Park to those of the 2014 Padres.

(Click here to enlarge.)

Those last few rows really highlight the upgrades we're getting offensively with these two particular players. Both Kemp and Upton, career-wise, have out-hit, out-scored, and in general out-produced what we saw in the 2014 Padres team. Obviously it's still a fairly small sample size, but these definitely seem to be (two of) the big bats Padres fans have been demanding for years.