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Movie Night: "The Kid from Left Field"

I was in traffic due to the rain so I'm a little late (and wet), but I'd never forget date night.  Let's watch 1979's TV Movie classic "The Kid from Left Field" together.  The running time of the movie is 1:42 so cancel all your other plans, put your kids to bed, cuddle up in your favorite chair and virtually snuggle in close to me.

I know very little about this movie except that it takes place in San Diego and Gary Coleman's character is the manager of the Padres..  It also stars Ed McMahon.  I believe that Jerry Coleman also appears in the movie but I can't be completely sure.

Let's find out what this movie is all about.  I'll kick it off at 7:30 on the ol' Chromecast so try it start it at about the same time.  We'll talk about the movie in the comments section and if things go according to plan we'll end up in each other's DMs.