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Justin Upton trade is FRESH!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The reaction to the trade that brings Justin Upton to San Diego has been overwhelmingly positive.  The news made such a big splash that it's almost impossible to round up all of the media and blogger opinions.  You'll have to help me find the rest and leave links in the comments, you just have to. Sorry.

Sure this move cost the Padres more prospects but they're years away from seeing MLB playing time and the Padres and I are done waiting.  We're ready to win now and forever.

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Fresh_mediumJustin Upton a smart bet for San Diego - ESPN
I still believe that Upton, now entering his age-27 season, has one more level of offense in him, based on that early promise and that quick-twitch muscle that gives him such tremendous bat speed. He recognizes pitches well and can let the ball travel longer than most hitters, all reasons why he's typically a good hitter against all types of pitches. He has explosive power, works deep in the count, and can play average defense in left. I also think his power is the kind that plays in Petco

If SD is the Upton mystery team, other NL West teams might want to stock up on RH relievers with sliders: RH Myers, RH Kemp, RH Upton.

Fresh_mediumJustin Upton reportedly traded to Padres -
The Padres are giving up a few interesting prospects -- especially if Fried gets back on track after blowing out his elbow -- but they managed to retain not only top prospect Austin Hedges, but also Hunter Renfroe and Matt Wisler as well. There are still youthful building blocks here, but now they're joined by established, productive players the Padres desperately needed.

Fresh_mediumPadres Trade For Justin Upton, Are All The Way Out Here
This is wild! In just a few days, the Padres have completely overhauled their outfield, bringing in Wil Myers, Matt Kemp, and now Justin Upton, all via trade. They also went out and got thumping catcher Derek Norris from the A's, and reports are that they are also nearing a deal for Will Middlebrooks

Fresh_mediumBy acquring Justin Upton, Padres make intentions clear: Contend now - The Washington Post
We can draw three irrefutable conclusion from Friday’s news that the San Diego Padres – last in the majors in runs scored, batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage in 2014 – have traded for Atlanta outfielder Justin Upton:
1. San Diego intends to put itself in position for its first postseason appearance in nine years in 2015.
2. The Padres will make more moves, because their roster – as constructed this very minute – features too many outfielders.
3.A.J. Preller, the general manager for just more than four months, is a maniac.

As much as I didn't like the Norris trade, I love the Upton trade. Fried was never panning out, other pieces were meh. Going for it!

Fresh_mediumThe wild offseason of the amazing Padres -
you're likely guaranteed some value with Upton. He isn't the perennial MVP candidate that he looked like in his early 20s, but the power is a delight. This is another risk/reward that a team like the Padres, with their pitching, should be taking.

I like Fried a lot but if he's the center piece of the Upton trade, I do that in a heartbeat. No questions asked.