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Padres Rumors: David Ross Was Probably Going To Sign With the Padres, Then Got Scared Off By Friar Fever

Rumor: Free agent David Ross was probably signing with San Diego, but got scared off.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Another catcher brought in after 1 was sent out.

How does Preller expect us to keep up with him? Does he hate us? Is this our punishment before we think we can enjoy the holiday season? It's like he's the only one doing ALL OF THE WORK in baseball. The man is going to start tweeting about his own deals while quoting sources that consist of "Me, Myself, & I."

With David Ross, they add another catcher to a constantly shifting roster. Players don't even have the time to welcome guys to the team before they get traded. Sorry, Rene. In Ross, the Padres get a 37 year old player who is well regarded for his pitch-framing and work with his pitchers. He batted .193 last season with the Red Sox, so he's the backup to Derek Norris. But, adding Ross to the roster probably pushes Tim Federowicz to AAA for a bit or even another team like with what just happened to Ryan Hannigan. The man wasn't even given the time to think about buying a Padres hat.

This is such a strange, confusing time for Padres fans. We traded off a Ross, then signed another. Traded off two Petersons this morning. I just don't even know what's going on anymore. Now I just wait until Preller calls me up to let me know I was signed then traded to wherever he pleases. I'm scared, you guys.

I don't wanna leave San Diego.


Maybe Ross changed his mind?

Thanks a lot, Heyman. Making me look bad. Now Preller's gonna trade 5 of us for my mistake in writing his post. I'm getting traded....


None of this happened. Ross signed with the Cubs.