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Wil Myers to the Padres, officially

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday various baseball sources reported a three-way trade between the Padres, Rays, and Nationals that would bring outfielder and 2013 AL Rookie of the Year Wil Myers to San Diego. The trade involved 11 players in total, four of whom (Myers, C Ryan Hanigan, LHP Jose Castillo, and RHP Gerardo Reyes) would be coming to the Padres, who in turn would part with C Rene Rivera, RHP Joe Ross & a PTBNL (SS Trea Turner). The deal was reportedly done, pending a physical, but this morning the Padres have announced the trade has officially gone through.

And just in time too, as one of those trade pieces, Hanigan, is reportedly being included in a deal to get 3B Will Middlebrooks from the Red Sox. AJ Preller can't stop, won't stop.

It's a bit of a bummer to say goodbye to Rivera, who had kind of an unexpectedly good 2014 season with the Padres; Ross, whom I had been looking forward to seeing come in to relieve his big brother in a game someday; and Turner, whose speed would have electrified Petco Park. But I'm absolutely loving what AJ Preller has done for the Padres so far, and I know he's not even close to done.

Our outfield is getting pretty crowded with all these trades, so I'm looking forward to seeing how Preller continues to make moves to give San Diego a shot at a title in 2015. So far he's proven to be an aggressive GM who believes in winning NOW, which is what Padres fans have been clamoring for. A much-needed change of pace from Josh Byrnes, whose HUGE offseason signing last season was... Seth Smith? The Padres are the talk of the baseball community right now, and it's not because of a front office PR disaster. What an incredible concept!

Thank you, AJ Preller, and welcome to San Diego, Wil Myers!!