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Padres trade for Derek Norris is now official

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A.J. Preller has had yet another incredibly busy day. Moments after finalizing the Matt Kemp trade, the Padres' general manager sent starter Jesse Hahn and reliever R.J. Alvarez to Oakland for catcher Derek Norris, pitching prospect (yeah, I know, "There is no such thing as a pitching prospect") Seth Streich, and an international signing slot. Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish was all over it when it happened; his overview of the pieces involved is worth the minute or two it'll take out of your day.

Unlike the Kemp deal, the Norris trade was made official barely two hours after it became public knowledge. As a matter of fact, the team's tweet welcoming Norris to the team was sent just nine minutes after their shoddily-'shopped tweet finally announcing the trade for Kemp. And really, isn't Twitter-official as official as it gets? People from high school who you don't care about aren't in a relationship until it's Facebook-official, and baseball players aren't traded until it's Twitter-official.