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Is the Matt Kemp deal falling apart?

A couple of recent tweets have us wondering.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of tweets have helped build up the rumor that the Matt Kemp deal may be hinging on a failed physical. Last night Ken Rosenthal, who has been all over the Kemp story since it because a couple weeks ago tweeted this:

Then, this morning Will Carroll who goes by @injuryexpert and is someone I have followed for years and years because of his knowledge about player injuries tweeted this:

Local report Dennis Lin added these tweets shortly after Carroll's:

That is not a lot to go on, but it does tell us that the physical is likely the only thing left to overcome to complete the deal and that there are formalities left to do like informing players. There was some thought that maybe the amount of money changing hands could be holding up the deal because the commissioner's office was dragging their feet, but this seems to nix that idea.

It was also expected that Zach Eflin (who the Padres traded to LA in the Kemp deal) was going to Philadelphia in LA's acquisition of Jimmy Rollins, so that deal made by the rivals up the I5 may be collateral damage. We shall see.

Edit: Bob Nightengale and Ken Rosenthal try to calm things down