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Kevin Cameron's place in the Padres record book

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Today is former Padres reliever Kevin Cameron's thirty-fifth birthday. The Friars snagged him up from the Twins in the 2006 Rule 5 draft and he settled in as an integral part of the 2007 team's outstanding bullpen, but that's a story for another day. December 15, 2015, perhaps.

While I was looking at Cameron's stats I noticed that he didn't allow a single home run the whole time he was with the Padres, a span of 58 games, and wondered if that was some sort of team record. I used Baseball Reference's Play Index to pull up all the pitchers who went their entire Padres careers without allowing a home run and sure enough, Cameron pitched in over twice as many games with the Padres than runner-up Adam Russell's 27. Cameron also had the most homerless innings with 68; Ken Reynolds is second with 32.1.

Cameron holds no such record for the other team he played for. He signed with Oakland for the 2009 season and pitched his final 11 games in green and gold. He came so close to going his entire big league career without allowing a home run, but Nelson Cruz touched him up in his penultimate game.

In case you were wondering, Cameron only owns the team record, not the major league record for most homerless games in one's entire time with a team. Using 58 games as a baseline, I started checking other teams in alphabetical order and stopped after I ran the query for the Marlins. I don't know if Joe Klink's 59 games with Florida are the record because if Cameron doesn't own the record, I don't care who does.