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Padres Make Offer to Brandon Morrow

Another former Blue Jay with an injury history may be San Diego bound.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We may have seen this movie before. Former Blue Jay starting pitcher with injury history comes to San Diego for a shot at redemption while playing under a contract with a bunch of incentives. The first time we watched this movie, Josh Johnson never made it past the opening credits. The Padres are now trying to buy the rights to a sequel with a better ending. And the opportunity still exists for Johnson to make a cameo in this movie.

Brandon Morrow, a 30 year old starting pitcher has had his share of setbacks as of late. As Rosenthal states in his tweet, Morrow only has 87 2/3 innings to show for 2 full seasons worth of baseball. In June 2013, Morrow was sidelined with a right forearm strain followed by a setback associated with it, then he was diagnosed with an entrapped radial nerve in his right forearm that kept him out for the rest of 2013. This past season, Morrow suffered a torn tendon sheath in his right hand in May that kept him sidelined until September when he returned as a reliever. Toronto declined Morrow's $10 million option for 2015 thus making him a free agent.

Morrow began his ML career as a reliever with the Seattle Mariners in 2007 and by the end of the 2008 season, he was making starts for the Mariners. He started 2009 as a closer, but soon transitioned to the starting rotation. Following a trade to Toronto in that offseason, he took his place in the Blue Jays rotation until 2014.

Morrow has a career 4.28 ERA with 42-43 record through 8 seasons in the majors. In 2011, his only season with over 30 starts, Morrow finished with an 11-11 record and 203 strikeouts. According to Jeff Todd of MLB Trade Rumors, Morrow would prefer to remain a starter rather than be relegated a reliever role again. If the Padres intend to have Morrow join the rotation, it may create an opportunity to flip one of the starters for offensive help. Right now, it's just an offer. But, there is an offer out there. We'll find out soon what pans out as we continue to watch A.J. Preller work his way through his first offseason as Padres GM.