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I ate at the Tony Gwynn Food Truck

Prior to the SDSU basketball game on Tuesday I stopped by Tony Gwynn Stadium on campus and was overjoyed to see the Tony Gwynn Foods Truck there in all its glory. I'd been meaning to try and find it for the last month at one of those Food Truck congregations around the city, with no luck. Just happening upon it was a stroke of good fortune. Even better, I had time to kill and needed to get some dinner.

There looked to be a Little League clinic on the field but there were only a couple people eating at the truck. I approached and stared at the menu (pictured in the gallery) and then asked the server what she would recommend, hoping she'd lead me to great meal. She said it was all good, which didn't help, so I went back to staring. I saw the pulled pork sandwich combo and went with it. I chose baked beans as my side. A drink was not included, so I tagged on a water. I was in $13 at this point but still looking forward to Gwynn goodness.

A few minutes passed and out came my sandwich, it was wrapped in paper. I opened it to find it didn't look much like pulled pork (see picture). The meat had the consistency of sawdust. #ThanksMichelleObama

I would later find out that it didn't taste much better either. I poured some Gwynn BBQ sauce liberally on the sandwich to try and moisten it up, but it didn't work. The baked bean cup was smaller than a side at Rubio's, shockingly small. Hopefully for what it lacked in appearance it would make up for in taste.

I took my meal into the stadium and sat behind home plate. I wanted to like this food more than you can imagine, but it was impossible. It was dry and tasteless. If I was blindfolded I'm not sure if I could have guessed it was even pulled pork. The beans were pretty good but they were few in numbers. Surely this couldn't be the food or the cooking that fed Gwynn's legend. I was really disappointed. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you not to order the pulled pork if ever you find yourself near the Gwynn Truck. Still the truck itself looks badass, hopefully the food will improve in time.