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Kwang-Hyun Kim will not be coming to the Padres

Money to talk, but the pitcher will walk.

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Korean media is reporting that, despite winning the bid to negotiate with the Korean pitcher, Kwang-Hyun Kim has opted to remain with the SK Wyverns.

As of yesterday, it looked like the Padres were still negotiating and doing what they could to land the left handed hurler, but the deadline has come and gone. At this point, it's probably all for the best that the Padres only spent the $2 million to talk to the pitcher as opposed to the SK Wyverns push back of wanting $10 million, because in millionaire terms, one can spend that much money on presumably long distance phone calls and international roaming charges.

Everybody should just go back to thinking about Matt Kemp again as we wait for Preller's next move to satisfy our desire to continually be happy.

Update: Dennis Lin reporting that the $2 million posting fee should be returned, so I'm assuming that Preller and the Padres are only out the cost of a few dinners, limo rides around town and a Vietnamese table shower in IB.