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Tony Gwynn and Jerry Coleman receive lifetime achievement awards

Dick Enberg also.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday two San Diego legends Tony Gwynn and Jerry Coleman received lifetime achievement awards at a ceremony at the Hilton Bayside hotel hosted by Baseball America.  Dick Enberg won too.

I'm having trouble finding the entire list of GIBBY winners or even an article including the three previously mentioned but I'll continue to look.  If it weren't for Twitter and the #GIBBY hashtag I might have missed the news completely.  On a side note I just now found out that the acronym GIBBY stands for Greatness In BaseBall Yearly. So really this award is saying these two San Diego icons and Dick Enberg were great their entire lives.  I couldn't agree more.

Since both Gwynn and Coleman passed within the last year their families were in attendance to accept the awards on their behalf.

Tony Gwynn, Alex Jackson, Kris Bryant among those honored by Baseball America for achievements. |

"He had a passion for whatever he did," said Alicia Gwynn. "He had a passion for coaching. When he played baseball, he had a love for the game. I thank you all for helping us, the Gwynn family, continue on his legacy."