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Preview of Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I was up relatively early yesterday morning and just as I was about to step out the door I saw Padres Chief Marketing VP guy Wayne Partello tweet out a tease that he'd soon be on the local NBC affiliate talking about Holiday Wonderland at Petco Park.  I'm getting kind of psyched about this event becoming a new holiday tradition even though my mind hasn't fully grasped the concept.  The prospect of seeing more than a cartoon rendering of the event kept my eyes glued to the television.

I'm planning on going with Kev, Jonny Dub, maybe Dex and their families but it'll probably be late in the season when everybody else has already attended and spoiled all the surprises for me.  Still I think San Diego needs more holiday festivities and gatherings in the name of togetherness and peace on Earth.  Right now we've got December Nights in Balboa Park, a bunch of bowl game parades and other than that your only contact with your fellow man is play fighting for the last Tickle Me Elmo or Cabbage Patch Kid doll.

Let's learn more from Wayne:

See that looks like a pretty good time. Although it wasn't mentioned I'm most looking forward to befriending one of the reindeer and then riding it into the cocktail lounge.

Looking forward to hearing early reports from all of you that attend while I'm sitting at home bathing myself in egg nog in preparation.