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Charges Filed Against Cabrera After September Arrest

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't yet succeeded in banishing the 2014 season from your memory, you might remember that Everth Cabrera was arrested for driving under the influence in early September. In the months since, there's been nothing but silence on the issue. Until yesterday, that is. The San Diego District Attorney's office has officially filed charges against the shortstop. The charges did not include a DUI, but he is being accused of resisting arrest, which could send him to jail for up to a year. He could also face a $100 fine for having pot in his car.

Here's the official statement from the Padres, per the UT:

"We are deeply troubled by the charges filed today against Everth Cabrera. We will defer to the judicial system to resolve the legal aspects of this case. As it relates to his future with the Padres, we will make a determination in the near future."

Team President Mike Dee also mentioned the charges in last night's Member conference call, saying that the team is going to let the justice system do its job, and all decisions regarding Cabrera's future with the team rest with General Manager A.J. Preller.

The next step in the process will be Cabrera's arraignment, currently set for December 8th. His presence in court won't be required then, which means he won't have to fly back from his home in Nicaragua, where he's currently spending the offseason.