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Petco Park Renovations: Old and Busted = Vintage brick. New Hotness = High Def Video

A view from atop the non-existent new scoreboard
A view from atop the non-existent new scoreboard

Remember back when everybody thought it was kinda cool to have a ballpark that didn't do a whole lot but remind you of old timey time ballparks and/or non-old timey time ballparks that themselves reminded you of old timey time ballparks? Well hang onto those memories tight.

The Padres are installing a giant TV in Petco's left field in time for next season. The TV will be huge and, instead of low quality, which you are unable to understand, this particular TV will be defined... Like with definition... Highly.

There's also going to be a mill about area apparently installed underneath the giant television, so that those with egos that need to be fed can stand underneath the artificial light show above them and imagine that the rest of the ballpark is actually looking at them as opposed to the super high-def graphics being displayed above them. Something for the masses.

The new board will have 3,025,728 pixels on it. One for every person that reportedly attended a game in 2014 with exactly 830,355 left over for next year.