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Help us choose the funniest Padres moment of 2014

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

My memory is terrible these days, which isn't always ideal but helps when you're a Padres fan.  I can barely remember this past season, which helps me sleep at night but makes the blogging business a bit tough.  I'm a little late with this post but every blog on the SB Nation network is currently voting for their team's funniest moment as part of this year's SBN Awards.  We'll continue with the other categories throughout the week.  Knowing us, they'll be late as well.

I had to crowd source these nominees for "Funniest Moment" on Twitter because I was drawing a complete blank.  I had to weed through the "You know what's funny?  Your FACE!" and "The Padres record was funny" type Tweets but ended up with some moments that might just cause you to chuckle.  Let's begin!

Dodger Defensive Meltdown

This moment is going to get my vote.  I remember watching it as it happened and I was giggling like I was being tickled on my inner thigh.  It was delightful and a little bit erotic.  This is a good edit of all the broadcaster reactions compiled by Padres Social Hour's Seth Foster. (cap tip to co-host Mike Grace)

Medica trips rounding first

This moment is funny once you realize that Tommy Medica's bare chest wasn't scraped or scratched when he stumbled while rounding first base.  If anything were to happen to his chest he'd just be an average baseball player with a great smile and strong jawline.  Be sure to notice his interaction with his teammates, that charm is why the ladies love him... also his chest.

Yasmani Grandal video bombs Seth Smith

I had forgotten about this video bomb until MatthewVeryGood reminded me on Twitter.  Yasmani was just returning to the team from a PED suspension or an injury or something and our first look at him in Spring was this. It was somehow reassuring.

BTW- Remember how I told you my memory was bad?  I stared at Seth Smith for like 2 minutes trying to remember his name.  I'll try to remember to make an appointment with a doctor.

Really high-level video bomb from Grandal in this Seth Smith interview. Bravo.

A video posted by Jesse Agler (@jesseagler) on

Padres Prank Gyorko

Gyorko's brother Randy reminded us of this Padres Prank.  It's the classic "chew some bubble gum, stick it to the bottom of a plastic cup and attach it to your teammate's cap and see how long it takes him to notice it" trick.  He had no idea.  None at all.  What if he were to take the field with the cup on his head?  Has that ever happened?  I shouldn't worry so much.


Just when you thought Padres players were the worst Twitter follows ever, Huston Street joined and changed all that with one hashtag: #SpyOnCarlos.  Catching Carlos Quentin, the notoriously unfriendly Padre, in his natural habitat pleased the voyeur in all of us but the rest of the team mugging for the camera in the background made us laugh.

Okay, let's stop there and vote on these.