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The Padres Hit More New Fence Homers This Year

Denis Poroy

Prior to the 2013 season, the Padres made some pretty significant changes to the fences at Petco Park. Last year, those new dimensions generated 21 extra home runs, or one per every 3.86 games. This year, there were just sixteen, or one every 5.06 games. Now, your first thought may be that of course there were fewer new fence homers. This year's offense was historically bad! And that's true: The 2014 crew hit 54 dingers at home, 12 fewer than the season before. But the newish fences played in the Padres' favor this season, with 10 of the extra home runs coming off the bats of the good guys. The 2013 team only hit a measly 8 short homers. And this year's single biggest beneficiary? Alexi Amarista, who hit three into the Jack Deck. Jedd Gyorko was hot on his tail with a pair. Obviously, two seasons is a pretty small sample size for reading anything into this, but you can dig into all the data over at