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Padres fan base doesn't feel tortured

Kent Horner

I've never liked fan bases that think of themselves as tortured, to me, they come off as a bunch of entitled whiners.  The fans of the Cubs and the Red Sox come to mind.

I'm glad to see that the Padres fans have not only dropped to 21st on this year's list but it's because Padres fans reached out to Leitch to tell him that we don't feel tortured.

Which MLB fans have dealt with the most pain? | : Will Leitch Article

21. San Diego Padres. Last title: Never. World Series appearances: 2. The biggest faller on this list -- they were No. 12 last year -- even though they had another rough year. This one I have to chalk up to reader response from last year's rankings: I actually had tons of Padres fans email me and tell me I had their fan base as too tortured. (This is essentially the exact opposite of what every other fan base does.) I thought having the two best teams in franchise history -- 1984 and 1998 -- have to run up against two of the best teams in baseball history in the World Series was particularly cruel … but Padres fans seem OK with it. I guess it's difficult to feel too tortured in that city?

The angry Padres fans that think they deserve a championship because they suffer more than the average fan just flame out quick and are beyond annoying.  Why would a fan even get their hopes up for a championship with the rosters the organization has put together in the past 45 years?  They're only torturing themselves.  It's fine to expect more from the organization, but nothing in the team's history should lead you to believe that they'll ever be a dynasty.  I'd selfishly prefer that fans be fair weather rather than tortured because I'd choose to sit next to an empty seat over a prima donna any day.