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Introducing the 2014 SB Nation MLB Awards

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Awards season is already upon us, and this year SB Nation has a fun alternative to knock-offs of conventional awards and the inevitable, tiresome "What does valuable even mean?" and "WAR vs. intangibles" debates that those spark. Of course these award categories are apt to open up both discussion and debate, but it'll be the kind you actually have to put thought into instead of just throwing down a series of caps-locked talking points. It should be fun.

There are six awards to be determined, and all of us have a say in each step of the process. On the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the next two weeks, we here at Gaslamp Ball (and each of the other team sites) will put up a post with team-specific nominees for the award du jour, which you can then vote on.

Here's the schedule:

Monday, November 3: Funniest moment

Wednesday, November 5: Most regrettable moment

Friday, November 7: Defensive play of the year

Monday, November 10: Most important hit

Wednesday, November 12: Pitching appearance

Friday, November 14: Team of the year (I'm supposed to note that we cannot nominate the Padres, but that's clearly a non-issue this year)

Then, on Monday, November 17, we'll announce our winners for each category. Our winners will then be reviewed by a crack panel of experts, which will select four or five nominees for each category out of submissions from all 30 team sites. Final voting to determine the overall, league-wide winners will open at that very same day.

Since we're all involved with this from top to bottom, your participation begins now with naming nominees for each category. Links, gifs, and the like are not necessary, but they might be helpful for jogging the memories of others if you feel like including them. I have a few ideas for each category, but I'll save them for the comments section if nobody else mentions them.

To the comments! Start suggesting!