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Padres still in the mix for Tomas and Sandoval

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

As Padres fans are sitting in a holding pattern, unsure as to whether to buy Panda hats, their GM A.J. Preller is flying all over the country attempting to sign Pablo Sandoval, Yasmany Tomas, Jay Bruce or maybe even Matt Kemp.

While the Pads are certainly in the mix for Sandoval it looks like MLB sources think he's most likely to end up with the Red Sox or the Giants.  All that can change very quickly before Tuesday when he's expected to make a decision.

On the other hand the Padres are now considered front-runners along with the Braves for Yasmany Tomas.  In fact Preller will visit with him today in the Dominican Republic.

Source: Padres GM interested in Panda, Tomas |

Industry sources indicated to on Thursday that the Braves and the Padres have emerged as the front-runners for Tomas.

Padres meet with free agent Pablo Sandoval |

The Padres' interest in signing Sandoval does not affect their pursuit of Cuban free agent Yasmany Tomas or any other player. Preller has explored dozens of other options through free agency, trades and the international market.

Last night Corey Brock also mentioned that the Padres have reached out to the Reds with interest in trading for outfielder Jay Bruce.

Friars show interest in dealing for Bruce |

A source told that the Reds -- who are pursuing starting pitching -- have had preliminary discussions about trades involving Bruce, who will make $12.042 million in 2015 and $12.542 million in 2016. The report adds that Cincinnati has spoken with San Diego.

All this work in an attempt to improve the Padres offense.  I've said it before but I'll say it again.  A.J. Preller seems like a weird dude, but the kind of weird dude the Padres need.  Give that guy a butt load of money and he'll not rest until he finds players to spend it on.