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San Antonio Missions Get New Uniforms

Somebody should tell Ballapeño that Halloween is over.

San Antonio Missions

In the last few years, Padres minor league affiliates have put together some incredibly brilliant uniforms. First the Tucson Padres sported a deft blend of the old and the new. A year later, the Eugene Emeralds gave us the universally adored Swingin' Sasquatch. Then when the Tucson squad relocated to El Paso and became the Chihuahuas, they went with a sharp red and black look and followed Eugene's lead with their own riff on the parent club's mascot. So when the AA San Antonio Missions unveiled their first new look in twenty years, it's fair to say expectations were high. Did they meet them?

Missions logos

So, what works? I really like the lettering here. The ahem mission-inspired font is great, especially the bell in the M and A. The tattered Texas flag is a nice reminder of the team's namesake. But those S's? Oof. The coonskin cap is, of course, a reference to Davy Crockett, but it looks out of place next to the A. The chili pepper is even worse, and the color doesn't even match their Ballapeño mascot. And speaking of the Ballepeño, why is he now dressed like Crockett? While we're big fans of the humble jalapeño, it's not the most distinctive mascot. Dressing him up makes him more eye-catching, but now it's even harder to tell what he is. As far as the jerseys themselves? It's a crisp, classic look, and I'm a big fan of putting numbers on the front. But I hope they still throw us some minor league weirdness on occasion.