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More Padres have worn 39 than any other uniform number

Denis Poroy/Getty Images

This is interesting to maybe three other people, but you'll have that sometimes. I was over at Baseball Reference checking out all the players who have worn 39, because that's just the sort of thing I do, and the list of 39ers seemed a lot longer than all the other ones. I checked, and 39 is indeed the most frequently issued Padres uniform number. 33 Padres have worn 39 through the years, edging out the 30 who have worn 8.

Name Year(s)
Dick Selma 1969
Jim Williams 1969-70
Jay Franklin 1971
Mike Corkins 1972
Victor Bernal 1977
Floyd Chiffer 1982-83
Elias Sosa 1983
Eddie Miller 1984
Roy Lee Jackson 1985
Tom Gorman 1987
Dan Murphy 1989
Jim Lewis 1991
Wes Gardner 1991
Pat Gomez 1993
Bryce Florie 1994-96
Pete Walker 1996
Will Cunnane 1997-99
George Williams 2000
Carlos Reyes 2000
Wascar Serrano 2001
Bobby Jones 2002
Steve Reed 2002
Charles Nagy 2003
Ben Howard 2003
Blaine Neal 2004
Wilson Valdez 2005
Tim Redding 2005
Mike Thompson 2006-07
Brian Falkenborg 2008
Sean Henn 2008
Ernesto Frieri 2010-12
Miles Mikolas 2012-13
Donn Roach 2014
  • Frieri is the team's all-time leader in games played wearing 39, with 103. Florie is second with 95, and Cunnane rounds out the top three with 81.
  • Outfielder Jim Williams, first baseman Eddie Miller, catcher George Williams, and infielder Wilson Valdez are the only non-pitchers to wear 39 for the Padres.