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Gaslamp Ball's nominees for the SB Nation Awards

And the winners are...

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Funniest Moment

With 36% of the vote the Dodger Defensive Meltdown is the winner.  Watching the Dodgers turn a routine play into a three ring circus is pure entertainment.  Even after all this time, it can still get a giggle out of me.

Most Regrettable Moment

This regrettable moment should really win the SB Nation Award. I'm not sure what could be worse.  The reason the Bud Selig Hall of Fame Plaza only received 67% of the vote, is because there so many other regrettable moments to choose from.  What a terrible Padres season. Blech!

Best Defensive Play

I was one of the few that wasn't impressed by Will Venable's dive.  He received 42% of the vote though.  Doesn't it look like he's slows his gait in order to dive?  Or am I being overly critical of a player that I wish was traded about 4 seasons ago?

Most Important Hit

Cory Spangenberg's first home run in the majors was a walk-off winner against the annoying Diamondbacks.  His hit won the poll with 36% of the vote.  This is about as important as it gets for a lost season.

rtb spangy walkoff

Best Pitching Performance

Andrew Cashner's one-hit shutout earned 62% of the vote.  I was at this game.  I was so busy eating and wandering around the park that I didn't realize the significance of his start until the late innings when I started watching the telecast from the Park at the Park.  Still, I was there and you best believe I won't let you forget it. #TrueFan

Team of the Year

The Baltimore Orioles took this one easily with with 41% of the vote.  Hugs to them.