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Gwynn Food truck is now fully operational


If you remember I told you a few years ago about Gwynn Foods and his family's BBQ condiments. Well apparently Gwynn Foods now has a food truck that's on fleek.

You've also no doubt heard about Tony Gwynn's collaboration with Alesmith and the resulting .394 brew.  I'm not a beer drinker like most of you but I had a cup at Padres Beerfest and found it to be quite good.  Although I haven't followed the story too closely, the beer was announced shortly before Gwynn's passing and then first sold at Padres Beerfest from a keg.  Correct me if I'm wrong but the bottles just became available for purchase this week during San Diego's Beer Week.

Corey Brock, a beer connoisseur himself, wrote a good article about the development process for the IPA this week.

Gwynn's brew on tap for San Diego Beer Week |

And the best part -- one of many for Zien, a longtime baseball fan -- was that Gwynn wasn't only part of the process, testing samples in April and May, but he got to try the finished product before he passed away on June 16 after battling salivary gland cancer.

After reading Corey's article the only change I would have suggested would have been to change the ABV from 6% to 5.5.  Know what I'm sayin'? MMMM-hmmm.