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Padres announce Spring Training schedule


I'll tell you what I look for in a good Spring Training schedule.  I'm always on the lookout for a good three day weekend trip.  I like a Friday night game so I can drive all day through the desert, eat lunch in Yuma, have a mid-afternoon shake at Dateland and be in Peoria just in time to see game when I arrive.

Then I preferably want a double header on Saturday.  That way I can see three games and I'll usually tire of desert life and want to go home on Sunday morning.  I can only take two, maybe three days at Spring Training and Las Vegas. Any longer and I'll grow a mullet and start wearing cargo shorts.

Looking at this Spring's schedule I see one weekend that looks promising.  Friday March 27th has an evening game, check.  The following day has an afternoon Padres game, check.  Then I suppose you could find a non-Padres related game for that night.  On Sunday a double header is scheduled so if you wanted to really over serve yourself with baseball games, you could partake.

Another bonus is this weekend is late in the Spring when all the overzealous fans have gone home and have started complaining that Spring Training is too long and whining about their anticipation for playing games that mean something.  This is my favorite time to be away from them and watching Padres teams with most of the fat trimmed from the roster.  It's the best.