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Padres begin demoliton of old video board

As Dex told you earlier in the week, the Padres are replacing their old and busted video board with a hip new one during the off-season.  It's gonna be great.  I've decided that I'm not going to even look at the field once it's installed.  The old one is an eyesore and looks sooo 2002.

I got to say though, I think the Padres missed an opportunity to let Padres fans in on the demolition.  Give me a hard hat, a bat and show me the Bud Selig Plaza press conference on the old screen and I'll tear that mother to the ground.  I could probably even get Jonny Dub to join me if he's not busy babysitting.  Actually I'd probably tire out real quick so then they'd need to bring in John Moores and his wrecking ball to finish her up.

I look forward to seeing more demolition, let's hope they are time-lapsing the construction.


Went down to the ballpark last night to take a peek.