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Padres working to sign Josh Johnson

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of October the Padres announced that they had declined Josh Johnson's $4 million team option.   The option, created by former GM Josh Byrnes, stated that if Johnson pitched fewer than seven games in 2014 then the Padres could pick him up for the $4M total in 2015.

Johnson's troubles started when he experienced elbow soreness during a Spring Training game earlier in this year. That unrelenting soreness eventually required him to receive his second TJ surgery.  As a result he didn't pitch any games, well under the 7 game milestone.

Just because the Padres declined his option didn't mean they had no interest in him.  Padres beat writer Corey Brock said that he had come to understand that the two would work out a lesser deal between them.  Johnson for his part would like to return to San Diego.