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LHP Kim Kwang-Hyun's team may reject Padres' high bid

Chung Sung-Jun

Fox Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal is reporting on Twitter that South Korean LHP Kim Kwang-Hyun 's team may reject the Padres' high bid of $2 million for his pitching services.  Kim's team, the SK Wyverns, are expecting somewhere in the vicinity of  $10 million for Kim's contract.

Padres post top bid for Korean lefty Kim Kwang-Hyun |

The Padres have not confirmed the bid.

The two team's numbers are so far apart it's no surprise that the deal might not get done.  Rosenthal explains the reason saying that there are many questions about Kim's  chances of succeeding in the major leagues.  With that said, asking for $10 million sounds more like a ransom request and the Padres' $2 million bid must seem to them like a satchel full of dirty undies.

Kim's posting fee a disappointment | FOX Sports

Kim has been eagerly awaiting this opportunity to pitch in MLB and it appears that is unlikely to happen next season, unless SK does him a huge favor.

Even if they can't close the deal, it's nice to see new Padres GM A.J. Preller and his team hitting the international market hard out of the gate.  Padres making the highest bid?  You don't hear that often enough.  Expect more rumors soon as the GM meetings continue.