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Bud Black to join alternate post-season Fox broadcast

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

I skimmed Rob Neyer's article about Fox's post-season coverage.  He's throwing around lingo like FS1 and JABO and I'm not comprehending anything.  Then I see Padres manager Bud Black's name at the tail end of the article and I have to go back and re-read with better comprehension in order to figure just what he's talking about.

Apparently Fox Sports is trying out a new idea.  They'll have two broadcasts covering the Post Season games.  The first will be your classic Fox coverage that you're used to with really loud field mics and graphics galore.  The second will be an alternate broadcast on Fox Sports 1.  This broadcast will have more analysis, split screens, stats and in studio guests.

The Power of JABO | FOX Sports

During the game, our panel will provide insight from every level of baseball, as well as real-time demos, extended replays, and breakdowns of storylines from Game 1. Perched atop a bedrock of data supplied by our various partners, we’ll analyze batter/pitcher match-ups, umpiring tendencies, defensive shifts, controversial calls, and the debatable managerial moves that seem to be the talk of nearly every game in October.

I can see this alternate broadcast luring in fans who don't really have a dog in the fight.  They want to see the game but don't need to pay attention to every pitch.  Instead they'll have a split screen and be able to get the gist of the game action while being informed and entertained by the studio crew.  Sounds like something I might want to watch if I can find FS1 on the dial.

Bud Black will be on the October 11th broadcast, if I'm not mistaken.