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Kevin Kouzmanoff thinks this Kevin Kouzmanoff card is a "sick card, bro"

Man, I love me some Kevin Kouzmanoff. That's why I was thrilled last week to receive this card (along with two others) from Padres fan, Padres blogger, and aspiring-Tom-of-Finland, Padres Jagoff. As I did with the other two cards, I snapped a picture of it and promptly tweeted it. Nine days later, it caught a certain someone's eye.

It certainly is!

I hope one of the 2015 sets has a card of Kouz in Rangers threads. After two full seasons away from the majors, Kouzmanoff got the call to replace an injured Adrian Beltre, and absolutely raked for 13 games before he too was felled by an injury. It wasn't that long of a tenure, but it deserves to be immortalized on cardstock.