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Mock-up of a modern Padres brown and gold uniform

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

John B. has been tinkering with his new brown and gold uniform concepts for quite some time.  This morning he put his Photoshop skills on display again, brought his ideas to life and tweeted them out to the world.  While I'm a fan of a more gaudy and liberal use of gold and orange (see 1984 uni above), I think his uniform with its subtle, tasteful touches of gold on the trim look really professional and would get the support of the huddled masses.

When I compare this picture to his concept drawings (in the link above) I noticed that he decided to keep the cap all one color which I think was the right decision.  I won't wear a hat if it has a different color brim and I know a thing or two about fashion, ask anyone.  I do like the yellow bell front panel on the old Padres cap and would support it but if we have to play down the use of gold in order to restore the Padres to their true colors then I'm on board.