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Who from the Fox Sports Padres Broadcast Team would you keep and who would you kick-off?

Denis Poroy

Back in June we let you vote on which players you wanted to keep or kick off the Padres roster.  It was very informative and interesting to learn that fans wanted Chase Headley, Will Venable and Eric Stults off of the team forever. I'm glad I wasn't the only one.

I thought we could do the same kind of vote for the Fox Sports San Diego broadcast team since this is the time of year where all the female members of the team mysteriously disappear without so much as a goodbye and Mike Pomeranz takes over their off-season hosting duties.

Overall I'd say the 2014 team performed adequately.  They did their jobs.  They were professional.  I'd give them a solid C grade across the board.  There wasn't much extra to warrant anything higher.  The first two FSSD seasons were much, much better in my opinion, so I'd say I was underwhelmed this year.  I didn't feel the same energy or chemistry from the telecast as I once did.  Where's the youthful exuberance?  Where's the camaraderie? The je ne sais quoi? Answer: they're working in different cities for other cable networks now.

One of the big misses this year was the broadcast team's social media presence.  When Mark Grant is your best Twitter follow on the broadcast team and your lead analyst is calling fans "clowns", that should tell you something.  The others tweeted occasionally but it was rarely anything worthy of a favorite or a retweet.  I like seeing the behind the scenes twitpics, in-game analysis and fan engagement.  Show us you're interested in the game, the players and most importantly the fans!  When you do, it's reciprocal and contagious..

Anyway, let's see what you think.  Here's how the vote works.  If you keep the broadcaster they will continue in the same role as they always have, if you vote "kick" then you'll never see them on a broadcast again.  Don't worry about who will replace them just know that you are responsible for their dismissal.  Have at it.

Here's the link to the results.