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The San Diego Chicken in Home Movies

While electronically thumbing through scanned family slides, I saw this photo of a sand sculpture of the KGB Chicken from a sand castle contest at Crown Point in Pacific Beach in July of 1978.  It's unclear if those building the KGB Chicken sand sculpture were KGB employees or just fans.  To my untrained eye they look like a young family of fans.  The father working hard to get the chicken's comb just right, while his son waters down the chicken's crotch and the wife uses a harsh chemical spray to keep away the crabs.

For those unaware, KGB was and is a rock radio station in San Diego.  They first employed the chicken in 1974 and parted ways after a law suit in 1979.  This was the chicken before he was the World Famous San Diego Chicken.

The Chicken became a regular at Padres games in the mid-70's, but one of his first duties was handing out Easter eggs.  Here he is returning to the egg laying business in another home movie clip from Easter 1976 near Mission Bay.

I think I saw one more video of the Chicken climbing out of a helicopter around Christmas time that I'll try and find.