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The Wasco Clown has come to Petco Park

They all float down here.

Mark Kolbe

The mysterious clown from Wasco has left the small town in California's San Joaquin Valley and is now in America's Finest City.  The clown staged a few social media photo shoots around San Diego in the last couple of days, first in front of Vieja's Arena, then in a parking structure at San Diego State and now at Petco Park.

You might find this terrifying, but this is actually good news because if you remember from Stephen King's novel "It", Pennywise, the evil shape-shifting clown, was [SPOILER ALERT] eventually defeated by a group of kids known as The Losers' Club.  In San Diego we've got a loser club too (77-85) and it's named the San Diego Padres.  I don't like the Wasco Clown's chances against this club.