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SDSU Baseball performs "Thriller" dance to end annual Halloween game

Jon, his kid and I went to SDSU baseball's 5th annual Halloween game yesterday afternoon. The game started at 4:30 pm but Jon's kid was just finishing a 3 hour nap, so he delayed us a bit and we didn't arrive until around 5 pm.  It's lucky we got there when we did because we didn't realize that the team was only playing 2 innings of baseball.  We figured that we would be attending a typical 4 hour college game.  Fortunately, after changing into our Halloween costumes in the parking structure we were still able to see the entire second inning.

It was a fun atmosphere.  All the players were dressed in costumes while still playing with the intensity and grace that the Aztec program is known for.

Right at the end of the second inning the pitcher threw a ball well above his catcher's head and against the backstop.  When the intrasquad team captain came out to visit his pitcher, the pitcher dramatically flailed and collapsed on the mound.  Michael Jackson's Thriller then kicked off on the ballpark's sound system and both  team's crawled onto the field from their dugouts.  They then rose and fell into step with the song.  It was awesome.

Here's some raw video from our seats.

Here's SDSU's neatly edited introduction to the game.

And the whole routine with editing and different camera angles.

After the game, if you were lucky, you could pose with the ball players.

SDSU baseball halloween