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MLB Pays Tribute to Gwynn at World Series

Stephen Dunn

If you can remember all the way back to mid-July, you might remember that Fox and MLB made no mention of Tony Gwynn during the All-Star Game, despite his recent passing and his participation in a whopping 15 Midsummer Classics (apparently it's because it's policy not to single out a specific player, unless they play for the Yankees and are retiring). Well, MLB tried to right that wrong last night by paying tribute to Tony during a pre-game ceremony at AT&T Park. For reasons known only to Bud Selig, you can't see the actual video tribute online. You can, however see the Gwynn family acknowledged at home plate following the video.

Later, the family was joined by Commissioner Selig as they stood up to cancer in memory of Tony.

It's still frustrating that Gwynn was ignored in July, but this does give as an opportunity to remember Mr. Padre's greatest postseason moment.