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Phil Plantier and biorhythms

Phil Plantier's 1994 Topps card is a classic. The anguished photo of him on the front cements that, but as is often the case, the back is what really got my attention.

phil plantier 94 topps back

I had a fairly decent idea what the concept of biorhythms is, but I checked up with trusty ol' wiki-wiki-wikipedia (REMIX!) to make sure I wasn't completely off-base, and it confirmed my vague overview. Some people believe our lives are guided by a series of cycles that determine our aptitude in various areas at certain given points. Of course these people aren't scientists, but I hear the jury's still out on science.

I'm from the Crash Davis school of thought, that if you believe something is working for you, it is. If Phil Plantier woke up on the 29th or 30th of each month thinking he was going to sock some dingers, half the battle was out of the way. On the same token, it must have weighed on him on other days when he believed that his cycles were at low points. This is where we could get into a whole chicken-or-the-egg thing, but I'm apt to think that someone who is certain they will fail, will fail. Of course, like the biorhythm believers, my evidence is anecdotal on a personal level.

I do find it interesting and ever-so-slightly amusing that Topps opted to put the word "biorhythms" in quotation marks, which came across to me as a passive-aggressive editorial. It reads like "Get a load of this kook" while other, more widely accepted, belief systems would certainly go without quotes. Is that just me?