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Quiz: Padres 5'7" or shorter


I've always had an affinity for diminutive big leaguers, dating back to my days as a diminutive little leaguer. While all of my friends and teammates dreamed of growing up to be the next Ken Griffey, Jr. or Barry Bonds, I was drawing baseball cards of my future self as a 5'5" singles-hitter. Two things derailed my dream: I ended up taller than I expected and, more importantly, sucked at playing baseball.

It's hard to pin down an actual height on most players, especially ones on either extreme of the scale, since it has been long customary for players and their people to add or subtract a few inches or pounds here and there when it would be advantageous for them to do so. Since Baseball Reference is right about everything else, I deferred to their listings and used their Play Index tool to pull up all the Padres players measuring 5'8" or below. That yielded 18 names, a handful of which nobody would have guessed, so I shaved off an inch and came up with this list of seven.

When your time is up, log your results in the poll below, and be sure to use spoiler bars where applicable in your comments.