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Stretch of Interstate 15 to be named after Tony Gwynn

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego County Supervisors approved $7,500 to purchase signs to memorialize Poway resident and San Diego icon Tony Gwynn.  They'll use money from the community grant fund but eventually plan to repay the state with money from the private sector.

If legislation in Sacramento supports the effort then we'll eventually see signs placed along the 15 from Scripps Poway Parkway to Pomerado Road.  The article says the signs will look similar to those placed along Lake Hodges for slain runner Chelsea King.

Tony Gwynn to be honored with I-15 memorial signs - Pomerado News | Pomerado News

An earlier plan to dedicate the easterly portion of Ted Williams Parkway in Gwynn’s memory stalled due to the high costs of replacing multiple freeway signs.

Poway officials are working on their own plans for some type of tribute to Gwynn at Lake Poway,

It would have been pretty cool to have two of history's greatest hitters alongside each other on the same section of freeway, but I think Gwynn would appreciate officials being fiscally responsible.

If I'm not forgetting something Gwynn has a college baseball stadium, a street and now a portion of a freeway named for him.