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City Beat names Gaslamp Ball San Diego's Best Sports Blog

Imagine my surprise when I saw a tweet from Geoff of Ducksnorts congratulating us on being named Best Local Sports Blog by SD City Beat readers.  I skipped outside to the curb to grab a copy.  I then thumbed through it until I found where Gaslamp Ball was mentioned.

SD City Beat best of

These polls are funny because when you win you put a lot of stock into them, and when you don't you scoff at the publication's ignorance.  We've been on both sides of it.  In this case we can only conclude that City Beat readers are geniuses.

When I told Dex about the honor bestowed upon us, he exclaimed "That means the liberals love us!"  He explained that the San Diego Reader is the more conservative of free magazines while City Beat is "all hipster".  All I know is they have weird taste in sports blogs.  Bolts from the Blue and Padres Public were clearly snubbed, but that's probably because of their right-wing political leanings.

Big thanks to writing staff, the "GLB Interns", for doing most of the heavy lifting now a days.  You guys are the best and everyone knows it.

We actually have "people" that count the money for us, but the point is well taken.