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World Series 2014 Open Thread: 10/21 Giants @ Royals (game 1)

Jamie Squire

Tonight begins a World Series that can be summed up as good vs. evil.

On one side we've got the Royals. A team that had a tough battle towards the end of the regular season but fought their way to the playoffs and then proceeded to sweep each team they faced. People brushed them off all season, even when they were winning (sound familiar?). But they relied on pitching, defense and speed (sooound familiar??) to get where they are, and that is in the MF World Series. And Royals fans, like our own Friar Faithful, have had to endure years of hardship and now they finally get to root for their underdog team deep into October.

On the other side we've got the Giants, who are going for like their billionth championship title in the past decade. They got off to an insane start this season, going 43-21 in their first 64 games before coming back down to Earth and giving way to the Dodgers at the top of the division (How could they let the DODGERS be #1? Bastards.). Luckily for SF, the Brewers had a late-season meltdown that took them out of the playoffs and made room for the 2010 and 2012 WS champs. After standing victorious over the Pirates in the Wild Card round, they eliminated SD favorite Stephen Strasburg and his Nationals. Then in a battle of bad and more bad (I'll let you decide which was which), they took the Cardinals out of the picture and secured their spot in the World Series.

I don't know about you, but I am NOT looking forward to more sick postseason merchandise riddled with lewd and inappropriate images to fill the streets of San Diego and the rest of the world.

Win it all, Royals.

Today's Lineups

Gregor Blanco - CF Alcides Escobar - SS
Joe Panik - 2B Norichika Aoki - RF
Buster Posey - C Lorenzo Cain - CF
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Eric Hosmer - 1B
Hunter Pence - RF Billy Butler - DH
Brandon Belt - 1B Alex Gordon - LF
Mike Morse - DH Salvador Perez - C
Travis Ishikawa - LF Omar Infante - 2B
Brandon Crawford - SS Mike Moustakas - 3B
Madison Bumgarner - LHP James Shields - RHP