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Tony Gwynn book in the works

A local writer is putting together a book chronicling Tony Gwynn's history in San Diego, and has asked us all for help.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Tami Belmain is writing an oral history of Tony Gwynn in San Diego. The local writer has received the blessing of Tony's wife, Alicia, as well as Tony's close friend and longtime agent, John Boggs, to write this book. Hoping to put together a collection of stories about Mr. Padre from his friends, family, and fans; she has enlisted Gaslamp Ballers for help.

Tami is looking for anyone interested in giving an interview or telling their own personal story about Gwynn. You can share a past fan encounter or just your memory of his presence in San Diego. Whether you've been lucky enough to have met Gwynn, or just felt his impact on your life and on the San Diego community, Tami wants to hear your account.

Per Tami:

The book will hopefully serve as a first step in maintaining the legacy of Mr. Gwynn and also will be a benefit for the T.A.G. Foundation, as all proceeds from the book will go there.

I know a lot of you have wonderful stories that showcase not only how Gwynn impacted us through his baseball career, but also how he affected this city in a positive way off the field. Many of you shared those memories with us following the news of his death, and it was truly therapeutic to read and share all of those accounts here at Gaslamp Ball. Having some of those stories included in Tami's book will allow even more people to experience that catharsis.

If you'd like to give Tami an interview or share your story, you can get in touch via email at up until the end of January.