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More Padres caps featured on Saturday Night Live

San Diegan and SNL featured player Kyle Mooney is back at it.  He has another one of his Inside SoCal segments on Saturday Night Live where loads of Padres hats make appearances.  He and Beck Bennet again play super chill San Diegans, Todd and Casey, reporting on the SoCal lifestyle for a cable access channel from a garage.  It looks like all of Padres caps are recycled from the previous Inside Socal sketch.

Mooney has also made a habit of featuring Padres player's names in the credits of another reoccurring sketch that pokes fun at the serious side of eighties sitcoms.

While as a guest on Padres Social Hour earlier this year, Mooney talked about how he grew up a Padres fan and how his dad is still a season ticket holder.  He threw out the pitch at the game shortly thereafter and also posed in the Padres clubhouse in his underwear.  He's my favorite.