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Padres Fan Resolutions for 2014: Part 3

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11. Score more often

I want to focus more during games, and I think the best way for me to do that is to start keeping score as often as I can. I used to do it sometimes in 2010 when they would include scorecards in the BluePrints at Petco Park, but I never got that into it. So this year I'm gonna try to do it at most, if not all (probably not all), of the games I go to.

12. Spread the baseball love

For me, there are few things more fun than taking someone to their first baseball game and helping them appreciate the game. I think we all need to do this more to show that baseball isn’t boring, like a lot of people think it is. And when you’re passionate about something, like we all are about baseball, it helps other people enjoy it so much more. I'm planning on taking my nephew to his first game this year. He'll be two years old and probably won't remember it when he's older, but I'm excited to take him to his first one and I think he'll have a lot of fun running around the Park at the Park.

13. Participate on Gaslamp Ball more

I love you guys, and this blog is infinitely better when you all get involved, whether it’s commenting on articles, writing your own fanposts, or following along with us in the game threads during the season. I didn't get to comment during game threads much last season, so I definitely want to get back into that, because the game threads are what really made me fall in love with Gaslamp Ball a few years ago.

14. Keep the faith

Keeping the faith doesn’t mean being optimistic all the time and it doesn’t mean you can’t be critical of the team. The idea is to realize that when things are looking bad, you just have to turn into the skid, find things to enjoy wherever you can, and wait for things to get better, which they will. Because it’s a long (albeit not long enough) season and anything can happen. Because foulweather fans are the worst. Because the Padres WILL get that World Series Championship one day, and when it happens it’ll be a lot more fulfilling when you know that you’ve stuck with the team through all the ups and downs.