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Brooks Conrad signs minor league deal with San Diego Padres

If you grew up a Padres fan, only a few things better than playing for the Padres organization.

Kevin C. Cox

Guys, guess what...

I know, right?

Long time readers of the blog know that Brooks Conrad is my brother-in-law. The 10 year anniversary of our being brothers-in-law is actually coming up in a week or so. Aluminum anniversary. It's what they make bats out of in college.

So we've followed Brooks' career in the minors with the Astros organization, over to the Athletics, where he made his Major League debut, and then down to Atlanta where he found a bit of a home for a while as a hero and a goat. Brooks holds the Major League record for most pinch hit  grand slams in a season. He also infamously holds the record for most errors in a post-season game.

Beyond Atlanta, Brooks spent some time over in Milwaukee and Tampa and last year was a Hanshin Tiger out in Japan.

And now... He's a veteran and he's formally an El Paso Chihuahua! An inaugural El Paso Chihuahua, I might add. The move reunites brooks with Manager Pat Murphy, who was coach of the ASU Sun Devils prior to joining the Padres organization.

Just to catch y'all up some more. Brooks has been a Padres fan forever. Huge Chargers fan. Brooks became good friends with Jacob Hester who happened to be an Atlanta Braves fan. The two would communicate regularly about their various teams and both really knew how to enjoy their times as professional athletes.

My brother-in-law is an all around nice guy.

Brooks' nickname is Raw Dog because he doesn't wear batting gloves.

At this point in his career, Brooks is more a veteran presence for the minor leaguers and potentially a call-up a la Mark Kotsay who can provide a experienced bat with some pop in pinch-hitting appearances. Brooks has played at every infield position.

If you happen to catch a game that Brooks is playing, you should cheer for him, not only because he's on your team now, but also because he's a real nice guy.