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Can you name the top Padres players for each season?

I got three correct answers.
I got three correct answers.
Brian Bahr

I'm dealing with a mild case of writer's block. Combine that with the fact that there's not much Padres news floating around right now and I'm left struggling to find something to write about. I decided to make a quiz to break the seal and get myself going again.

Today I'm quizzing you on the top Padres players for each season as determined by the player's bWAR statistic. I'm not a big stat hound like some of you, but bWAR stands for Baseball Reference's Wins Above Replacement. You guys still call yourselves stat hounds right? Good.

Oh, speaking of WAR, I was listening to an episode of the Padres and Pints podcast and one of them fellers pronounced WAR differently than I imagined it would be pronounced. I've always thought it was pronounced "war", like "what is it good for?", but they pronounced it like the satirical thrash metal band Gwar, like "cause we are Gwar, and we'll go far".

Anyway, you have three five minutes to name all these players. It's not as hard as it sounds because there are a lot of repeats and besides you need someone to challenge you.

Discuss your scores and the answers in the comments, but make sure to hide the answers so you don't spoil the quiz for others:


On to the quiz!