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Padres Bring Back Organist Bobby Cressey... For Fewer Games

Disclaimer: Bobby is an active Gaslamp Baller and a personal friend. He did not bribe me to write this article (but he should know that I lost my moral compass years ago, so I'm open to the idea).

Petco Park organist Bobby Cressey has announced which games he'll be playing this season, and I have to say I'm more than a little disappointed. Once again, the Padres have scheduled him exclusively for midweek day games. Now, I love skipping out on work early to go catch a ballgame on a sunny afternoon, but it's not exactly something I can do a lot. And those 12:40 starts (which account for 3 of the 7 games) are right out of the question; I'd have to leave before noon to make it down for the first pitch.

But the biggest disappointment for me is just how few games he'll be playing. Just 7 out of 81 games? He's not even scheduled for the entire month of September. I asked Mike Dee about hearing more organ music at last September's televised town hall, and Dee (and more importantly, the fans) seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the idea. Just not enthusiastic enough, I guess.