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Broadcaster Andy Masur released by the Padres

The Mighty 1090's Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton is reporting this morning that Padres Broadcaster Andy Masur was released by the team.

Mike Dee replacing talent with his friends from Miami isn't going to make him any new friends in San Diego.

Masur himself confirmed the news shortly thereafter.

This news feels like a big Floridian knee in the beans.  Ugh.  The team already wasn't using Masur enough and now they do this?  I was holding out hope that he'd start filling in for Dick Enberg on Fox Sports San Diego when the old man vacationed, but I guess that's not going to happen now.  We wanted more Andy, not less!

I was watching Jane Mitchell's One-on-One with Jerry Coleman last night.  When Coleman was introduced at the Hall of Fame they talked about the deep connection between broadcaster and fan.  It's true, the good ones feel like family.  Andy Masur is one of the good ones.  There's just something so friendly and likeable about him on the broadcasts.  The way he interacted with Coleman won me over instantly.  When we finally met him in person I feared it wouldn't be the same.  I'm not even sure how but he turned out to be even more likeable.

I've been brushed off plenty of times by media talent over the years.  Masur was different.  He didn't just exchange pleasantries and move on, he made a connection.  Hell, we played catch with him on the field and talked for about an hour at the last media night.  He's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.  I'm going to miss hearing him on the radio and am so terribly disappointed in the Padres' decision.